Nighttime [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nighttime:

Nighttime in the tropics descends with a surprising rapidity.

He accused him of being a nuisance to men by crowing in the nighttime and not permitting them to sleep.

The direct proof of it was, by this nighttime thing, revealed and made yet plainer.

Neither by daytime nor by nighttime was he thereafter to know darkness.

Now he'd go up to the mine entrance, and if it was nighttime he'd leave.

One of the pair sent down from Levant for breaking and entering in the nighttime.

They were in a canoe, and had evidently passed the village in the nighttime, unseen.

She followed him wherever he went, to examine this and consider that in the nighttime.

I can quite believe that—for one cannot get a good look in the nighttime.

Never in the history of white men had these rapids been ridden at nighttime.