Nihil [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Nihil:

I mean it depends on his permission; his imprimatur; his nihil obstat.

But if hostilities are happily averted, with what propriety can it be said that Nihil fit?

Nihil humanum a me alienum puto; I am curious about even John Smith.

Their warmth of human sympathy, their "nihil alienum" attitude; nay!

Fellow-citizens, let's giv three cheers for Nihil, the man who fit!

Nihil humani a me alienum puto has been his own as well as his hospital's motto.

On the other hand, the nihil privativum and ens imaginarium are empty data for conceptions.

Section 3: "Si servus perpetrato facinore fugerit, ita ut adomino ulterius inveniri non possit, nihil solvat."

Nihil enim est inane, nihil arcessitum; puro tamen fonti, quam magno flumini propior.

Nihil intrare potest in affectum, quod in aure, velut quodam vestibulo, statim offendit.