Nihilism [noun]

Definition of Nihilism:

refusal to believe

Synonyms of Nihilism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nihilism:

Sentence/Example of Nihilism:

And once we are driven right on to nihilism we may find a way through.

Nihilism was not to be rooted out by the removal of any particular set of men.

A period of reaction has set in: Despotism and Nihilism meet face to face.

All (p. 249) these years Alexander had battled with nihilism and revolution.

Nihilism is well named, for it means nothing and it ends in nothing.

Do you imagine that Christianity, if it be your enemy, is an enemy as terrible as Nihilism?

The very words breathe of Nihilism, dynamite, stratagems, and spoils.

That element came into the world with the advent of Bakounine and Russian nihilism.

The mujik sublimated by Russian literature is the god of nihilism.

But it is time to mention some of the precursors of nihilism.