Nihilistic [adjective]

Definition of Nihilistic:


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Sentence/Example of Nihilistic:

He is too negative, too nihilistic, and his quest of Buddhahood will end in a lamentable failure.

The result appears to be a sort of nihilistic sense-idealism.

After Csnad, he issued proclamations which can only be described as nihilistic.

A nihilistic delusion is one which denies existence in whole or part.

A nihilistic bomb exploded in the cabinet of the czar would scarcely have created more consternation than did my statement.

A thrilling story of Russian outrages on the Jews, of Nihilistic plotting and revenge.

In her nihilistic frame of mind she wished that her hostess had discovered the compromising situation.

These theories were very bold in their negation, and it is for this reason that they have been called "nihilistic."

I supposed at first that he was tracking me as the agent of a Nihilistic society.

The government has done much to stamp out the curse of nihilistic propaganda, and many members of the society have fled.