Nihilists [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nihilists:

You guessed rightly when you said that I am not a nihilist at heart.

Was it the princess who informed you that Durnief was a nihilist?

If I should become a nihilist, it would be to protect the emperor, not to betray your friends.

Then you never had such a thought until you knew I was a nihilist?

I have already mentioned it as often given by a nihilist to one whom he believes may be one with him.

Concerning the woman for whose sake he became a nihilist, he never spoke.

From a distance, and as an observer only, I have studied nihilism and the nihilist.

I have not yet told you why I am a nihilist, and that is what this story is for.

"Saberevski knew me to be a nihilist, and warned me against it that day," she said to me.

This nihilist leader is a woman, and her name is Zara de Echeveria.