Nimbus [noun]

Definition of Nimbus:


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Sentence/Example of Nimbus:

It was like a thunderbolt in a nimbus—the rush of Flagg down the mountain.

He puffed quietly until his head was surrounded by a nimbus of smoke.

The nimbus of the saint in his eyes, was associated with the crown of martyrdom.

Above is a nimbus of clouds, and above the nimbus, the weighing of souls.

The gas-lights have no heart in them, and each wears a nimbus.

Moreover these figures in Yucatan have a nimbus too, just like the Buddhas.

A sword—a crown—the nimbus of a saint: imagination might play untrammelled.

It wears a crown, and a glory of daggers is the nimbus about its head!

Golden tresses like a nimbus of glory adorned her queenly head.

Overhead there was a dense pall of nimbus from which snow fell at intervals.