Nincompoops [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nincompoops:

When ye hear of a man a woman hez made, ye hears of a nincompoop.

That a man with a weak, receding chin is always a nincompoop.

And I won't have it spoiled, by every nincompoop poking his nose into it.

The nincompoop can always be counted on to deify the commonplace.

Wouldn't some nincompoop like Forsyth be perhaps, after all, his best choice?

At moments he showed extraordinary talent as an engineer; at others he behaved like a nincompoop.

And to think of her as the wife of that blithering little ass—that nincompoop of a Karl Brabetz!

I don't pay money for a nincompoop to outrage my feelings of respect and loyalty, when he's in my pay, d' ye hear?

That young Welsh nincompoop imp has his eyes everywhere; his ears are always open.

I have made a scurvy bargain: art a cozening knave, I doubt, as well as a nincompoop.'