Nine [adjective]

Definition of Nine:

having nine of something

Synonyms of Nine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nine:


Sentence/Example of Nine:

After following Lake Barlee for nine miles, it turned to the southward.

By half-past nine on the morning of the 18th we had made a fair start.

It was after nine o'clock and there were few persons passing.

Punctually at nine o'clock on Monday morning, George was at the office.

When, at last, he rose and picked up his cap; it was nine o'clock.

Rico was almost nine years old, and had been to school for two winters.

At least nine out of ten races are honestly run—the best horse wins.

At nine o'clock they were greatly surprised by a ringing of the door-bell.

They're in them nine tenths of the time to a man's one tenth.

Nine bodies of the enemy were left on the ground, and a standard was captured.