Ninnies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ninnies:

I say, Hurst, don't be such a ninny as to keep them about you!

I take it as the reverse of flattering to be supposed that I have any liking for such a ninny as you are.

And then, behold, it was only little me, trembling like a leaf and crying like a ninny!

"The girl was a ninny to quarrel with a man like this," she thought.

All this while Flaxie was pushing, and Ninny was shaking her head.

Have I been such a ninny as to throw away my regard upon you?

"Give her port helm, you ninny," said Hat, wrapping herself in her arms.

Ninny went singing about the house, and Preston whistled more than ever.

“No, I never did—at your age,” replied Ninny, who was now a young lady of twelve.

Did you ever go in the cars alone, Ninny, with your own valise, and a check in your pocket?