Nit [noun]

Definition of Nit:

small insect

Synonyms of Nit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nit:


Sentence/Example of Nit:

But Lee wuz dead in earnest an' growin' more excited ivery min nit.

Nor sie kuckt trucken, wie varstinert, in ihr Ssider; nit sie wint, nit sie dawent.

Das der gmein man, one eine offne Disputation, nit zu stillen was.

“Weiss nit,” he mumbled, beginning to stagger as the serpent struck its fangs into his vitals.

A fire not large enough to roast a nit, and a supper too small to fatten him beforehand!

And as he glowered at the little Cuban, he ended his oration with one eloquent word, "Nit!"

I wuz taught ter weav', card, spin en 'nit en ter wuk in de fiel's.

We wore yarn hoods, sha'ls, en pantletts which wuz 'nit things dat kum fum yo shoe tops ter 'bove yo knees.

It has not been individually taught; its personal experience is nit; but it has the benefit of ancestral experience.

He remains hidden (perdue) and, like the midge of the egg of an insect (nit), is safe through his very insignificance.