Nitpicky [adjective]

Definition of Nitpicky:

very careful, meticulous

Synonyms of Nitpicky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nitpicky:

Sentence/Example of Nitpicky:

If we had the sense of a Venusian water nit, we'd blast out of here so quick our tail fumes'd take off with us!

Eppes as glatt knn es nit sein, glatt as denn nemmt mn un' mn kummt?

Un' as werd wieder der igener Gepilder, ws frher; Alle lufen un' me wisst nit wuhin.

Die ugen kucken in offenem Korben-minche, nor see sehn die Wrter nit.

Nor sie kuckt trucken, wie varstinert, in ihr Ssider; nit sie wint, nit sie dawent.

I say there's nothin' better than the bay'nit, wid a long reach, a double twist av ye can, an' a slow recover.'

I kep' the little man betune my knees as long as I cud, but he was pokin' roun' wid his bay'nit, blindin' and stiffin' feroshus.

“Weiss nit,” he mumbled, beginning to stagger as the serpent struck its fangs into his vitals.

Der Boden erzittert; und nit anders war, denn als ob der Wald lut bruelete.

By a most unfort'nit circumstance, the chief moved out of the house that mornin', and Dr. Hopkins—the preacher, you know—moved in.