Nocturnes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nocturnes:

A nocturne—yes; it was getting dark, and the sea was rising—that was the sound of the sea.

This nocturne is called a forerunner to the Chopin nocturnes.

She pulled a volume of Chopin from the stand, and began the twelfth nocturne.

Schubert's 'Hedge Roses' for one, and that nocturne of your own for the other.

In fact it is so popular that when any one is asked to play "Chopin's Nocturne," this one is meant.

Mr. Bowen: "Do you see any art quality in that nocturne, Mr. Jones?"

The 'Nocturne in black and gold' is not a serious work to me.

The yacht in Nocturne is the yacht I want, ought to have, and never shall have.

Before the end of the nocturne carriage bells are heard outside.

From valse to nocturne, from sonata to prelude, her fancy ran.