Nodding [adjective]

Definition of Nodding:


Synonyms of Nodding:

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Sentence/Example of Nodding:

"For humane reasons," Demarest commented, nodding approbation.

The old night watchman had a way of slipping up on one nodding.

"Ah, I see what the mischief is," said he, nodding his head.

"My daughter is not at home; do come in," she said, smiling and nodding.

Nodding confirmation to the brilliant rejoinder, Janet fell again to work.

"S-s-sure," answered the other, nodding his head good-naturedly.

"Maybe," said Dilly, nodding and tying her last bundle of papers.

Lockwood, nodding his acknowledgments, lifted the glass to his lips.

Nodding to the boatman, "The Steen landing—quickly," he said in French.

Hamish put his head out at the window, nodding to some one who was passing.