Nodular [adjective]

Definition of Nodular:

uneven, irregular

Synonyms of Nodular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nodular:

Sentence/Example of Nodular:

Also, nodular or kidney-shaped masses of what the quarrymen call plaster-eggs—apparently snowy gypsum.

The nodular type, however, may occur in the aorta alone, the branches remaining free.

This may be seen especially at Goslar, where the nodular lumps of dark grey colour are called vitriol stone (lapis atramenti).

Misy when it effloresces in no great quantity from the others is like a kind of pollen, otherwise it is nodular.

When nodular growths can be felt in the free border or surface of the liver, the diagnosis is generally easily established.

The latter is undoubtedly the usual condition, and when the nodular masses are incised an abundant creamy juice exudes.

The tumor is rounded in outline and nodular, and varies in size, density, and color according to the form of carcinoma present.

It has been customary to differentiate three types: nodular; diffuse; senile.

Nodular lumps of pyrites and crystals of selenite are of frequent occurrence.

The eruption of glanders on the mucous membranes is nodular, hard, and pelletlike.