Noggin [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Noggin:

He engaged Mr. Tooter to be there with his fife, and Mr. Noggin with his drum.

In the morning Mr. Noggin found that the thief had dropped his hat in his haste.

I walked up to it, bashed it firmly on the noggin, and it died.

I feared poor Noggin would be the sufferer, but I could not help that.

Noggin eyed them all, however, with perfect coolness and disdain.

They were dragging Noggin on, but he evidently delayed them as much as possible.

I asked him why he had not brought his friend Noggin with him.

It was difficult to say when Noggin might take the opportunity of slipping away.

Short and Noggin seemed perfectly satisfied with his answers.

Immediately we got in, we told Noggin, who interpreted our report to White Dog.