Noiselessly [adverb]

Definition of Noiselessly:


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Sentence/Example of Noiselessly:

He moved with alert assurance, lithely balanced on the balls of his feet, noiselessly.

He slipped into the house as noiselessly as his four soft feet could carry him.

We noiselessly cocked our weapons and Charlotte and I each sank to one knee.

Everything was done so quickly, so noiselessly, that not a soul in the house could have heard.

I ought to have retreated as noiselessly as I came in, before my presence was detected.

But suddenly she retreated into her own room, and noiselessly closed the door.

The steel shutters were closed, but a pull swung them noiselessly outward.

It was like a ship, in a dream, noiselessly striking a rock where no rock is.

The smothering canopy was then lowered, but not so noiselessly as I had seen it lowered.

As noiselessly as she had approached, Manikawan now retreated to a safe distance.