Noisily [adverb]

Definition of Noisily:

suddenly, with force

Synonyms of Noisily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Noisily:


Sentence/Example of Noisily:

All the instruments were loudly and noisily blown and beaten.

He lit his pipe with great display and sucked at it noisily.

He drank greedily, noisily, nor ceased until he had drained the vessel.

It was only to lick his thick lips and gurgle 233 noisily in his fat throat.

They were relating their various exploits so noisily that scarcely a word could be heard.

But then Barry entered, and noisily claimed Nettie's promise.

In the distance a red squirrel chattered happily and noisily.

The outer door was noisily closed by the departing servants.

I hear the criticism and the clamor of the noisily thoughtless and troublesome.

Nearer and nearer came Bogle, noisily threshing the undergrowth.