Nomads [noun]

Definition of Nomads:

person who wanders from place to place

Synonyms of Nomads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nomads:


Sentence/Example of Nomads:

A few people there were, hunters and nomads, living on wild honey and game.

The nomads of Asia follow the pasturage from month to month.

Most inquirers are chiefly interested in the morals—or immorals—of these nomads.

There was no place for them to live but in the caves or as nomads migrating with the animals.

The Mongols, however, are nomads, and their villages are always on the move.

Nomads are very skilful in choosing the places for their winter dwellings.

The victors were nomads, who did not care to occupy the land they had conquered.

These nomads were a hybrid type of Araucans, Pehu-enches, and Aucas.

As nomads, ravenous and restless, the men from the West have come to us.

Eventually a camel was discovered which some nomads were trying to dispose of.