Nominal [adjective]

Definition of Nominal:

supposed, theoretical

Synonyms of Nominal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nominal:

Sentence/Example of Nominal:

His imprisonment was intended to be little more than nominal.

Such was the character of the nominal peace which now existed.

The land was let at a nominal rent, as being almost valueless.

These can be procured through any local dealer at a nominal sum.

“Of course they can, if they must,” returned their nominal mistress.

The Sultan claims to be the nominal owner of all the product of Sulu waters.

In 1878 gold and silver were worth their nominal relative values.

It brought a despatch to the Governor from the nominal acting-Gov.

I have no doubt that we could get any number of hides, at a nominal price, from the commissariat.

It is necessary that he be represented here in some nominal capacity.