Nominating [verb]

Definition of Nominating:

designate, select

Synonyms of Nominating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nominating:

Sentence/Example of Nominating:

"But you are not in a position to nominate the questions that I am to put to myself," she said.

I've the power to nominate whom I like, and Viola it shall be.

His uncle could nominate me to posts of honour fit for a caballero.

As a party they made no concerted effort to nominate candidates.

They intended to nominate her and proceeded to root energetically for her.

They tell me you are going to nominate Wimples for the Supreme Court.

My friend was asked to nominate some Filipino for the archbishopric.

Nominate me your prime minister, and I shall be the happiest of men.

"It all comes to this: you must nominate yourself," said Everard.

They were there to nominate their own beloved leader and they intended to do it.