Nonappearance [noun]

Definition of Nonappearance:

state of not being present

Synonyms of Nonappearance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonappearance:

Sentence/Example of Nonappearance:

The lightkeeper's nonappearance began to worry him a trifle.

The nonappearance of these supernatural beings in the present day, may be fairly ascribed to the decay of the learned languages.

It hurt him to think that his captain would set his nonappearance down to carelessness, and so it had been in a way.

Both are classified as a whorl and referenced to a loop to take care of the rare contingency of nonappearance.

There had been a good deal of talk and excitement over the nonappearance in Meander of the man who drew the first chance.

The nonappearance of the mysterious riders was suspicious, for if their intentions were friendly they would have come boldly on.

Vaguely hoping that he would sanction my nonappearance at the finals, I related my embarrassing unpreparedness.