Nonconforming [adjective]

Definition of Nonconforming:


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Sentence/Example of Nonconforming:

The conforming and nonconforming priests were disputing the altars.

I am as sober as the Nonconforming parson of the church that Miss Castlemaine attends.

Besides, I am told that she belongs to the Nonconforming order of pious people.

The Nonconforming vicar of the church appointed a Nonconforming preacher to the Episcopal chapel.

It is the only case in a Nonconforming place we have yet had to notice in which there is a weekly celebration.

Among the nonconforming bodies, the Baptists are by far the most numerous here.

But there stayed behind Puritan and nonconforming minds in the bodies of many parishioners.

Then she told us of new crueller devices intended against the Friends, and, indeed, against all Nonconforming folks.

They will never prefer the interest of their nonconforming party, before the interest of christianity, or the public good.

The history of many a Nonconforming Church would be the best defence of its existence, and the best evidence of its vitality.