Nonconformist [adjective]

Definition of Nonconformist:

unwilling to behave, believe as most do

Synonyms of Nonconformist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonconformist:

Sentence/Example of Nonconformist:

He was the first Nonconformist who had been marked for arrest.

She asked me whether I did not know that Hicks was a Nonconformist.

Clithering is a Nonconformist, and therefore a man of tender conscience.

The word "Nonconformist" is objectionable for a similar reason.

Certainly a Nonconformist conscience could not have flourished in de Vere's household.

Arthur Allway was her cousin, the son of a Nonconformist Minister.

“Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist,” Emerson says.

Tyndal the Reformer, and Baxter the famous Nonconformist were preachers in this church.

She had, as the English would say, the Nonconformist temperament.

If; for instance, he had been some 'impossible' Nonconformist Radical!