Nones [pronoun]

Definition of Nones:

not one thing

Synonyms of Nones:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nones:


Sentence/Example of Nones:

That being impossible, none other was graceful; hence none other was to be considered.

None but Greeks were allowed to enter the temples of this goddess.

Of all countries in the world, there is none I so much wish to visit as Persia.

Tis none other that the Dean sets forth, ay, and the book that I have here.

"None of your impertinent insinuations, you young rascal," said Mr. Davis, hotly.

Giles has promised me none,” said Dennet, with a pouting lip, “nor Ambrose.

There was none to speak of left now except in Africa; and they were pessimistic about Africa.

It was well that it was a summer night, for lodgings there were none.

Because, as he had often told me, there was none so dear to him.

But she gave me none: it was where she was not, that pain was.