Nonexistent [adjective]

Definition of Nonexistent:

fictional, not real

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonexistent:

Sentence/Example of Nonexistent:

And dirt, that greatest of all human barriers, is nonexistent.

The cars slowed because the pavement was bad to nonexistent.

The education of his free will is thus rudimentary or nonexistent.

When this is nonexistent, poets become mute, the atmosphere stifles them.

It is needless to say that many of these advantages were nonexistent.

Since they had no cooking implements their cookery must have been rudimentary or nonexistent.

What, then, might we expect to find if order was nonexistent in the economic world?

With screaming engine, Herman drove homeward over a nonexistent road.

Rainfall is heavy during the winter and is infrequent to nonexistent during nearly half the year.

Published statistics, available in detail to 1964 and nonexistent after 1967, leave many important gaps.