Nonpartisan [adjective]

Definition of Nonpartisan:

impartial; not political

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonpartisan:

Sentence/Example of Nonpartisan:

The new organization must of course be nonpartisan and non-political.

A nonpartisan group of respected authorities in the field of agriculture has already been appointed as an interim advisory group.

Much is to be hoped from civil service reform, proportional representation, and nonpartisan elections.

Some farmers objected to the Grange because it was a secret organization; others, because it was nonpartisan.

Since this is a nonpartisan article designed to promote good feeling it will probably be just as well not to go into this.

Indignation at the defeat of the bill resulted in the birth, in February 1915, of a new political party, the Nonpartisan League.

A treatise on agricultural credit, wheat trade, and politics, with a chapter on the birth of the Nonpartisan League.

North Dakota blows down the Nonpartisan League and discovers that darned thing was loaded in both barrels.

Only as a nonpartisan organization can the American Legion do its best work.