Nonplussed [verb]

Definition of Nonplussed:

confuse, perplex

Synonyms of Nonplussed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonplussed:

Sentence/Example of Nonplussed:

The captain, nonplussed, looked at Marius, and Florimond surprised the look.

They were nonplussed, but their boss had not lost his nerve.

He looked at Druel with such composure that the latter for a moment was nonplussed.

This nonplussed the fanatic, who had come possibly with an eye to business.

For the moment Livingston was nonplussed, and declined to make any offer.

De Lotbinière was nonplussed, but he had not yet come to the duels.

Jimmy says the rabbit was nonplussed, and the other dog caught it easily.

John recognized the men as deputy sheriffs and for a moment he was nonplussed.

This was dismaying news and for the moment Dick was nonplussed.

The barkeeper was nonplussed, and asked what a tin-roof cocktail was.