Nonresident [adjective]

Definition of Nonresident:

from another country, experience

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonresident:

Sentence/Example of Nonresident:

They had no title to it, but as the owners were nonresident minors they were not disturbed.

Also he appointed a few of his councilors as nonresident Justices of the Peace.

A nonresident, however able and distinguished he might be as a statesman, would have little chance of election.

The tables are turned; it is no longer the nonresident Jew and the hypothetical Unitarian who are excepted.

Against the newcomers, profitable as they were, still existed the ancient antipathy of the resident for the nonresident.

It is a step in a bigger process managed from without and owned by a multitude of nonresident stockholders.

The Philadelphia Company is said to be controlled by nonresident investors.

The Restless Sexteen were mostly young married women with their husbands as nonresident members.

Appear in the courts for nonresident clients in United States land cases, etc.