Noodle [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Noodle:

Just you get it into your noodle that I mean to be quite free.

Helen, go after him—do anything—anything—to make the noodle understand.

Put a noodle over him and that noodle's life will be a burden.

He is a kind of softie—all alive on one side of his brain, and a noodle on the other.

Thought you had a noodle to deal with, didn't you, Mr. Philip Bawdrey?

This silly French noodle is going to get the things in spite of us.

His shake of the head signified that he was not such a noodle.

Of course I share your idea, that a husband in such a position is a noodle.

He must have thought that I had foundered on the noodle soup and plum-pudding.

All his former merits were forgotten; he was called a noodle and a charlatan.