Nooks [noun]

Definition of Nooks:

corner, cubbyhole

Synonyms of Nooks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nooks:

Sentence/Example of Nooks:

They carried the candle to every nook and corner of the cloisters, no result arising from it.

Even in the most disabused of minds there remains a nook of fancy and hope.

Other people desired to sit in Alice's nook, but discovered her in occupancy.

A few sound friendships and a nook full of family affection.

How warm it had been when they sat in that nook, chatting for many a long evening!

Here is your nook, Jennie, we have been expecting you for some time!

The Ghyll was early astir, and in every nook and corner full of the buzz of gossip.

From his nook in the Chiracahuas the watching warrior read its message.

Her officers knew every nook and cranny of the coast along their beat.

Taking the lantern, I examined every nook and cranny of the cell for some other exit.