Noonday [noun]

Definition of Noonday:

the middle of a day

Synonyms of Noonday:

Opposite/Antonyms of Noonday:

Sentence/Example of Noonday:

Ah, let me hope that the noonday will keep the promise of the dawn!

As for having a bee in her bonnet that was beyond discussion, as clear as noonday.

Men on the earth thought it was noonday and tried to do double their daily work.

We were unable to get a noonday observation on account of the haze.

It was in this spirit that I returned home in the broad sunshine of noonday.

First, that Christian was untrue to the house of Derby is as clear as noonday.

Others being present, Billy was silent as an owl at noonday.

It was too stormy for Mistress Brodie to go to her own house at the noonday.

For an instant the whole scene before us was bright as noonday.

Neither Robinson nor Friday stopped for their noonday lunch.