Noosed [verb]

Definition of Noosed:

smother, block

Synonyms of Noosed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Noosed:

Sentence/Example of Noosed:

Two of these, settling over his head, noosed him around the neck.

The hangman now approached the captive with the noosed rope in his hand.

A noosed reim had been twisted round the neck, compressing it tightly.

As the whites reached them the noosed man's face cracked in a grin.

If not, why did Sprot keep it back till the rope was noosed for p. 236his neck?

Then it was that a rope was flung about my shoulders, a noosed rope that was hauled tight.

She had struggled constantly from the instant she was noosed.

But I had seen the enemy, and all the soldier in me rebelled at the thought of dying like a noosed bullock in the shambles.

Roden, keeping a careful watch upon his balance, catches it deftly, for it has been noosed.

It turned out afterwards that he had noosed a powerful horse, but could not hold him, and had lost his lariat in the attempt.