Normalcy [noun]

Definition of Normalcy:


Synonyms of Normalcy:

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Sentence/Example of Normalcy:

There are the children who have nothing, no love, no normalcy.

Perhaps you won't think so when you see me get back to normalcy.

The house party departed and Buck Hill settled into normalcy.

A measure of normalcy had, by 1902, returned to life in Northern Virginia.

Parallel to normalcy ran the stream of radicalism, its enemy.

I see what must be done to jerk my Cousin Angela back to normalcy.

We will not measure up to those responsibilities by the simple return to "normalcy" that was tried after the last war.

But King Ferdinand was an unusually efficient king, and he spared no pains in his craving for normalcy.

The normalcy of this made my heart stop hammering, my heart catching up with my brain, and soon we were all sitting at the table.

We are merely getting back to normalcy in cosmetics—back behind the dun wall of the Victorian era.