Normative [adjective]

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It is in thinking that the normative principles of thought emerge.

The normal is the original, and the original is the normative.

So too it is in prayer that the normative principles of prayer emerge; yet men require teaching how to pray.

Thus even in Ethics there is now perceptible in some quarters a tendency to repudiate the normative standpoint.

And, if we go back to the Politics of Aristotle, we find the normative or regulative aim still more prominent.

One editor proposed to amend this by inserting the normative "he" after "Ganymede;" and another by omitting "with" after "afire."

The art-bearings of the science are given in the normative character of its subject-matter.

But we must learn how intimately to combine the empirical and psychological with the critical and normative.

Thus is answered the dispute whether logic is empirical or normative, psychological or regulative.

They have both a eulogistic or normative sense, and a descriptive sense; a meaning de jure and a meaning de facto.