Norms [noun]

Definition of Norms:

average, standard

Synonyms of Norms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Norms:

Sentence/Example of Norms:

Unless they are rooted in our own life, these norms are like misty forms in the air.

We perceive this in the norms with which the research of the present is busily occupied.

The norms of one will not satisfy the conditions of another stage of manifestation.

Production norms under the system have been low because of technological advances and the infrequency of adjustment of norms.

If he exists at all, his norms of worth may be, and probably are, very different from ours.

The Norms are going to start a class in basketry; who wants to join?

Grace was more daring than any of the others, and kept the Norms and Miss Mackin busy shouting warnings to her.

We are going to have all the Norms down, announced Miss Mackey, who had been up in the devastated region all the afternoon.

Norms and potency become two indissoluble factors in the evolution of the higher life.

We have already noticed how the presence of norms and standards were necessitated by the very theory of knowledge itself.