North [adverb]

Definition of North:

toward the top pole of the earth

Synonyms of North:

Opposite/Antonyms of North:


Sentence/Example of North:

I can give you sixty seconds to find that I'm the North Star.

To the North, South, and East nothing but spinifex sand-hills in sight.

Ascended the Frere Ranges and got a fine view to the north and east.

He found the district to the north to be a dreary waste, destitute of food and water.

A party of fugitives were to meet her in a wood, that she might conduct them North.

To us in the North, the African is a comparatively negligible factor.

We left the track to examine a gully to the north, but could not find any water.

"I have a liking for that north countryman," he remarked presently.

They went swiftly with their eyes on the ground by the north gate to the mountain.

To the north lies Thunder Mountain, wall-sided and menacing.