Northbound [adverb]

Definition of Northbound:

toward the top pole of the earth

Synonyms of Northbound:

Opposite/Antonyms of Northbound:


Sentence/Example of Northbound:

He might be too smart to take the northbound train here at the hotel.

I paid two nickels and we got into the front car of the northbound train.

Morey cut into a Northbound traffic level, moved into the high-speed lane, and eased in on the accelerator.

I wanted to catch the northbound flyer of the Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburg railroad out of the latter town.

There is a way to board the northbound train without going to town, and if nothing else happens we'll make the eastbound express.

The northbound traffic was heaviest at this hour and the moving sidewalk bands were jammed to their capacity.

The aspens sprouted fluffy buds and a flock of northbound geese honked over.

The whistle of the northbound train came up the track and they climbed down from the fence and went to the depot.

The car ran into Bedford and taking the turn to the right, he swung on to the northbound turnpike.

This is Central Expressway, and the next block is north, northbound.