Northerly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Northerly:

First they took a northerly course, then they returned toward Sedan.

Shandon looked in a northerly direction, and shuddered in spite of himself.

A trunk of a tree, about 50 feet long, lay on the beach; from whence I conclude a heavy sea runs in here with the northerly winds.

At the northerly angle was the junction of the Conemaugh and Stony creeks.

Ecbatane was the most northerly of these cities, and the most remote from danger.

They have, however, extended, and arc now heard in a northerly direction.

Through it runs the Coatzacoalcos River, northerly, to the gulf.

They well knew that they must run the risk of a northerly wind or a gale.

It was coming on with bad weather and a northerly storm, he reported.

He rowed out in a northerly wind, with snow falling, and a heavy sea.