Nosegays [noun]

Definition of Nosegays:

bunch of flowers

Synonyms of Nosegays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nosegays:


Sentence/Example of Nosegays:

It would puzzle a gardener to surpass the elegance and delicacy of such a nosegay.

Did you ever read 'Footpaths of Fate,' in the Nosegay series, sir?

"I must pay a reckoning for this," I sighed; but since a bargain is a bargain I gave her the nosegay.

"Well," said I, "the nosegay is yours at the price," and I held it out to her.

There was a nosegay for each guest, and no two nosegays were alike.

She has a nosegay in her hand, which she is taking to her governess, whom she is very fond of.

Pretty fellow you with the nosegay in your buttonhole to talk of selling!

This nosegay, O Khipil, it is for thee to present to thy mistress.

So what does he do, on obtaining the nosegay, but examine it well.

The rose in your nosegay was very beautiful a little while ago; but alas!