Nosing [noun]

Definition of Nosing:

smelling organ of animate being

Synonyms of Nosing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nosing:


Sentence/Example of Nosing:

I'm sure that when I wrote these lines, fortune had for a moment tweaked me by the nose.

She merely turned her head and rubbed his knee with her nose.

The teacher sunk into a chair, and put his spectacles on his nose.

You ought to know; you had to pay through the nose for shuttin' his mouth.

You're right, though,' says he, and with that he tries to put a twister on Diablo's nose.

And, to make it all the better, it was cold enough to nip one's nose short off!

I am lean and bony and I've got a beak where I should have a nose.

His royal blood was streaming from his nose in great abundance.

He nickered a soft welcome and laid his nose on her shoulder.

"You needn't show your nose in that office again," he said again.