Nostalgia [noun]

Definition of Nostalgia:

pleasant remembrances

Synonyms of Nostalgia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nostalgia:


Sentence/Example of Nostalgia:

The universe is a God in exile who has nostalgia for himself.

The feeling was not nostalgia, for that far country was no home for him now.

Somehow, sitting in the dusky Tombs didn't seem to help their Nostalgia.

"I will not," declared the author of Nostalgia in the Lobster.

Andr she considered the outcome of this feeling of nostalgia.

Somebody had passed her, speaking German, and she was overwhelmed by a rush of nostalgia.

His trapped feeling increased, and nostalgia began to bore into him.

At the moment some preoccupation, a nostalgia or a regret, contracted the angle of her mouth.

Most of these emigrants, moreover, suffered from the nostalgia which is characteristic of the Swiss.

It was a kind of nostalgia for Paris, the quartier latin, her clean old trade.