Nostrils [noun]

Definition of Nostrils:

smelling organ of animate being

Synonyms of Nostrils:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nostrils:


Sentence/Example of Nostrils:

That and a slight paleness of the nostrils were the only evidences of his condition.

The scent of a big item was in his nostrils, and it stimulated him like champagne.

The dripping of water reached the ear; the smell of dampness the nostrils.

The stinging air bit my nostrils and drove my hands into my pockets.

How would they ever get the smell of the smoke of that sacrifice out of their nostrils?

His nostrils tasted the incense of fresh earth and growing things.

Also there was a flavor of farm-yard in my nostrils and the shouting of a multitude in my ears.

The very odour of those plums in Johnny's nostrils was the equivalent of ecstasy.

He smiled indulgently, and exhaled a long wreath of smoke from his nostrils.

I saw you sprawling on the floor, and blood gushing from your nostrils.