Nosy [adjective]

Definition of Nosy:

curious; prying

Synonyms of Nosy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nosy:

Sentence/Example of Nosy:

Then, drying her tears, which nosy flowed abundantly, Mdlle.

I didn't like to ask too many questions for I might have got fired for being too nosy.

Has a big thug with him all the time, and takes exception to people gettin' nosy.

Thornton is a nosy man and it will delight his soul to boss your servants and see that cheating tradesmen are kept in check.

Being the nosy child I was, every once in a while I would look him up in the phone book so I knew he existed.

He knew that Jerry was entirely trustworthy, but his friend was also a nosy reporter who would try to pump the girl.

I was simply going to say that the nosy old censor crossed out a whole line just at the most interesting part.

Belts raced and flapped from nosy shafts along the ceiling—a steady, uninterrupted din.

She goes on my nosy auntie's party mit proud feelings, the while she knows how her back is stylish.

Not until he swings around and I gets a view of that nosy profile do I gasp any gasps.