Not [adjective]

Definition of Not:

nor yet

Synonyms of Not:

Opposite/Antonyms of Not:


Sentence/Example of Not:

Such throats are trying, are they not?In case one catches cold; Ah, yes!

Consequently, while the direction of the what-not-how-now line is definitely fixed, their actual positions remain unestablished.

We should in this case expect not-white rather than white, and so much rather, that we would lay two to one upon it.

If T is a B in only six cases of every twelve, and a not-B in only one, what is it in the other five?

Her silk parasol, of the blue of a forget-me-not, rested against her knee, and at her breast was a cream-tinted rose.

He did not-have to teach Mappo very much, for the monkey could already do those things.

He had been wrong, completely wrong, ever since he had discovered the not-men.

But the not-men who had hunted him would not laugh; to them, it would not be funny.

Before that interview, the not-men were torturing him, remember?

And this was the stronghold where the not-men could be found, too.