Notable [adjective]

Definition of Notable:

important; famous

Opposite/Antonyms of Notable:

Sentence/Example of Notable:

For the turning of the matter in our favour we have fortunately some notable examples.

Once established, there was nothing specially laborious or notable about it.

The deftness with which he completed the task of laying bare the wound was notable.

If the book had nothing in it but the splendid figure of this man it would be notable.

Finally, and surely not the least notable of American traits, is public spirit.

From her he learnt that Asidates, a Persian notable, was in the plain.

There are some notable exceptions to this, but these only prove the rule.

"All right," she said, but with a notable absence of conviction in her tone.

As this decision is notable, and the subject of controversy, its history should be known.

A notable alteration for the better had come over his spirits.