Notary [noun]

Definition of Notary:

notary public

Synonyms of Notary:

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Sentence/Example of Notary:

Go, my darling; call upon the notary, and tell him to be quick about you know what.

But you really understand these things like a banker or a notary.

One does not tell these things in public either to the notary or to the priest.

He also was gazing at the lighted window over in the notary's house.

One fine morning he took her to a notary and made her sign a deed of sale.

She recited, before the notary, the lesson which it had pleased her son to teach her.

A notary, the wiseacre of the party, remarked that he was running to certain death.

Since it is you who go to the notary's, Martine, you are not ignorant that I have my income apart.

In 1890 the Supreme Court decided that a woman could not act as notary public.

In 1898 the Legislature provided that a woman could be a notary public.