Notations [noun]

Definition of Notations:

written remarks

Synonyms of Notations:

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Sentence/Example of Notations:

A tiny spot almost on their course, with Mado's minute notation.

Make a notation, with chalk, of the gravity of each cell each morning.

Notae was more often used, and it finally gave the name to notation.

Scholar Phelps waited patiently until I'd made the notation.

You'll find every notation in the log accurate to the yard or the second.

Forsythe made a notation from the sextant on a piece of paper.

The Roman notation table is sometimes taught after the same manner.

This is the third dimension of color, and must be included in our notation.

If a notation in rods be preferred, the span should be a rod, or half rod long.

Where only the tune of a song is used, notation has not been provided.