Notched [adjective]

Definition of Notched:


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Sentence/Example of Notched:

The edges of paste should always be notched before it goes into the oven.

The gills are notched, crowded, pallid or rufescent, narrow.

The gills are notched at the point of attachment to the stem, broad, white.

The gills are broad, subdistant, rounded behind or notched, white.

The gills are attached to the stem or notched near the junction of the gills and the stem.

It can always be separated from the rosy-spored genera by the notched gills.

The gills are notched adnate, edge of different color, whitish.

The gills are notched, rather distant, pallid, then cinnamon; lachrymose.

A notched joint is made by cutting out a portion of one timber.

The light of dawn began to flicker from one notched summit to another.