Noted [adjective]

Definition of Noted:

famous, eminent

Synonyms of Noted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Noted:

Sentence/Example of Noted:

Upon her face was still the amused look Percival had noted below.

She was quite still, and he noted from the change in her soft breathing that she slept.

Yet do I know what a task I have undertaken, because of the knack you are noted for at writing.

He noted the direction of Andrew's eyes while he jotted down the items.

Darwin has noted that the condor was only to be found in the neighborhood of such cliffs.

Cody's planes are noted for their neatness, rigidity and smoothness.

They were delicately pencilled, and Amory watched her and noted them.

I noted the tribute to the staid painter, and nodded approvingly.

His eyes ran over the walls, took in the ceiling, noted the floor—all in a moment.

The first point to be noted is its essentially democratic spirit.