Notepaper [noun]

Definition of Notepaper:

paper for writing

Synonyms of Notepaper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Notepaper:


Sentence/Example of Notepaper:

Cast your eyes on the address at the head of this notepaper.

He sat down at the writing-table and spread a sheet of notepaper in front of him.

And there's notepaper and envelopes and stamps, just the same as in London.

Foyle was thinking of the finger-prints he had found on that notepaper.

Within were two plain sheets of notepaper and a postal order.

He held the sheet of notepaper a little away from him and looked at it critically.

Keep your heels to the ground while I fetch a sheet of notepaper.

Besides, you see, she stops in the middle of a sheet of notepaper.

Never mind, he can draw fairies on the notepaper we sent him.

She gave him the sheet of notepaper she was carrying in her left hand.